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The company held the first staff table tennis competition

In order to further enhance the communication and exchanges between various departments and personnel of Virgin, actively create a harmonious and harmonious corporate atmosphere and promote corporate culture construction. With the strong support of the company's leaders, the company's general managerial office took the lead, on December 20, 2014. On the 31st, the first table tennis competition of Virgin was organized.
In this activity, a total of 37 employees from the company signed up and the employee participation rate reached more than 60%. Although the contestants did not have professional training, but in a series of knockouts and round robins, the contestants gave a wonderful game to the audience, which was really better than the level. Through fierce competition, Liu Chuan, the last heat treatment workshop, won the first place in the men's team. Zhong Wei of the Finance Department and Li Jinxi of the Marketing Department won two or three. The first place of the women's team was won by the General Manager Wen Xiaofang. Liu Aiping and Liu Xiaofang of the Finance Department won two or three.
On the afternoon of December 31, on the occasion of the arrival of the New Year, the company held the award ceremony for the first table tennis competition in Virgin. General Manager Qu Zhi fully affirmed the event and hoped that the contestants will bring the momentum of the competition and the spirit of the team to work, and encourage all employees to create better performance in their respective positions. Finally, General Manager Qu Zhi presented the honorary certificate and prizes to the winners.
The table tennis competition not only enriched the amateur cultural life of the employees, but also provided an opportunity for the employees of the company to communicate and enhance mutual understanding, and provided a platform for the employees to show themselves. In Virgin's active, united and harmonious family, all employees will be fully engaged in their work in accordance with the company's established goals and contribute to the completion of the company's goals and tasks in 2015. 

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