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Deputy Director Zhang Lujin of Chengdu Economic Commission visited Virgin Inspection and Guidance

    On the afternoon of February 6, 2018, on the occasion of the coming of the Spring Festival, the deputy director of the Chengdu Economic Commission Zhang Lujin and the director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Department, Shen Jiangbo, accompanied by the leaders of the Bureau of Science and Technology of Qingbaijiang District, went to Virgin to inspect and guide the work. Director Zhang and his party first came to the production line to review, understand and provide valuable guidance on the production situation. After fully listening to the report of General Manager Qu Zhi on the company's production and operation, technology research and development and the company's overall planning, Director Zhang fully affirmed the achievements of Virgin in the fields of centrifugal casting, new material research and development and 3D printing. The leaders of the Economic and Social Affairs Bureau of the Commission and the District Science and Technology Bureau stated that they will continue to support the production development of enterprises. Then Director Zhang and the leaders present and analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced. Finally, Director Zhang hopes that Virgin will continue to improve on the road of technological innovation and industrial upgrading, further strengthen the comprehensive strength of the company and make greater contributions to the local economy.

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