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Virgin Company Party Branch was established

Concentrate on strength, work hard to create a better tomorrow
——Record the establishment of the party branch of Virgin
Under the support and concern of the local party committee of Qingbaijiang District and the leadership of Virgin, the branch committee of the Sichuan Weizhen Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. was formally established, and the first branch party member meeting was held on November 11, 2015. The establishment of the Virgin Company Party Branch marks a new step in the company's party building work, and also provides a strong organizational guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of the company, and played a model role in the party building work of non-public enterprises in Qingbaijiang District.
At the beginning of 2010, Sichuan Weizhen Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. came into being under the call of the national separator market. After five years of unremitting efforts by Virgins, the company has achieved very gratifying achievements in the field of separator parts and casting masterbatch. At present, the company has become a national high-tech enterprise, a member of the National Separation Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, and a founder of Sichuan Province. The governing unit of the association and the governing unit of the Sichuan Valve Association. Virgin is entering a critical phase of overall development and growth. In such a critical period of development, the company's leaders are far-sighted and set up a corporate party branch in time with the care and help of the Xiaojiayuan community party committee in Qingbaijiang District. This is a happy event in the company's politics and a major event in the company's development. . Under the leadership and care of the local party committees, with the strong support of the company's leaders, the Virgin Party branch will give full play to the role of the battle fortress. Each party member of the branch will actively play a vanguard and exemplary role, and fully devote all his efforts to the company's production and management activities. In the meantime, we will continuously improve the core competitiveness of Virgin and ensure the sustainable, healthy and harmonious development of the company.

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