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Sichuan Virgin High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. held the ERP project kick-off meeting

On the afternoon of September 18, 2016, the launching ceremony of the ERP project of Sichuan Virgin High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. was held in the company conference room. Company leaders, middle-level cadres, project participants and project partners Chengdu Langspeed Technology Co., Ltd. leaders and technicians attended the meeting.
The general manager of the company, Qu Zhi, first emphasized the significance of the company's implementation of the ERP project. It is pointed out that the implementation of ERP projects by the company is the need of enterprise management and the guarantee for the smooth implementation of the company's development strategy. All members must be highly valued and clearly aware of ERP as an important task to earnestly carry out, truly learn, master and use ERP to ensure the smooth implementation of the project throughout the company.
At the meeting, all departments and participants of the company carefully studied the "ERP Project Implementation Management Measures" and solemnly signed the commitment to jointly ensure the orderly promotion and implementation of the ERP project.
The launch of the ERP project marks a new step in Virgin's informatization construction. With the implementation of the ERP project, the company's management process will be further optimized and upgraded, and the management level of the company will also be improved!

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